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The Paignton Community Supermarket opened in June 2023 to provide a low-cost option to those struggling with the current cost-of-living crises.
Membership is referral based and means tested.
Please get in touch with us for more information.
Note: The Community Supermarket will not be replacing the Community Lader which will continue to help those most in need,



I have been fortunate enough never to need help from a foodbank but some people are not so lucky. Now I am retired I have time to give to help others. Paignton Community Larder gives me an opportunity to give this


The Community Supermarket has been setup to provide means tested support to those who are struggling, but are still able to contribute something to their weekly food shop. Standard membership is £5. Members have a choice of spending between £3.00 -£7.50 per visit, a fraction of the cost of shopping at regular supermarkets.

Opening Times:

Monday - Friday 10am - 2pm

For more information on becoming a member call 07399365489 or email:communitylarder@outlook.com



My name is Trevor and I am a volunteer at the larder. I attend the foodbank because I like helping out people who are in need. I have volunteered with the Larder for 3 over years. I hope to continue helping people because there is great need and I don't like to see people suffering.

Southfield Methodist Church,
Cecil Road,

07990 305377


Charity Number –1202619

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