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The Work of Paignton Community Foodbank and Supermarket


Who we are what we do 

The Paignton Community Larder is a foodbank founded in December 2017.
We serve the Paignton community with food parcels to those families and individuals suffering from poverty and crisis situations.
We welcome food donations enabling us to help others: Non-perishable items are especially welcome. Most importantly tinned meat, Custard, Pot Noodles, Mug Shots, Tinned Fruit, Squash, Fruit Juice, Sugar, Shampoo and shower gel.
If you are able to help by volunteering or with money or food please get in contact.

Serving the Paignton Community

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Meals issued in 2023

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Community Supermarket

The Paignton Community Supermarket opened in June 2023 to provide a low-cost option to those struggling with the current cost-of-living crises.
Membership is referral based and means tested.
Please get in touch with us for more information.
Note: The Community Supermarket will not be replacing the Community Lader which will continue to help those most in need,


Business's where you can donate food

We are frequently asked where people can donate food items to, as well as most churches these can also be taken to:-

  • Tesco Paignton
  • Tesco Torquay
  • Morrisons
  • The Foot Clinic
  • Centre Peace
  • Goodrington Methodist Church
  • Churston Library
  • Torbay Leisure Centre
  • Haven
  • Paignton Baptist Church
  • Old Farm Doctors Surgery

If anyone can offer us a collection point please get in touch




Southfield Methodist Church,
Cecil Road,

07990 305377


Charity Number –1202619

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